Lighting poles


We present to your attention eye-catching lighting poles for the design of parks and urban streets. Street lighting poles transform any landscape architectural space, lighting streets, park paths, country areas, territories of formal and sports facilities, promenades, highways and much more. The most important characteristics of lighting poles traditionally are the strength and quality of materials, durable and flexible designs, ease of installation, and cost efficiency.

The “Aira” company offers a wide range of reliable lighting poles from high quality materials that also have an attractive design and bright color scheme. Decorative street poles can be performed in classical or avant-garde style, as well as to simulate glowing shapes — flowers, torches, stars and more. The individual design of lighting poles will allow you to bring the aesthetics in the design of any place.

With the help of eye-catching and bright street lighting poles you can do zoning, masking unwanted areas and easy navigation in large squares and parks. Decorative lighting elements help to focus attention on landscape design or to highlight the features of building facades, having something in common with the key of colors.


Lighting poles can be installed on the threshold of the holidays, exhibitions, great cultural or sports events, as well as a strict conservative variant of the backlight of the city’s alleys.

Creating the layout of street lighting poles, the professionals of our team take into account features of their future locations, which will help to produce products in accordance with specified parameters, such as resistance to temperature extremes, high strength, and lightweight design. Useful design and relatively low weight of lighting poles eases the transportation, installation and dismantling.