Streets and facades of the buildings acquire particular festive look for a touching and honored holiday – the great Victory Day. The interiors of many buildings of state and municipal organizations, schools and official institutions also need decorating to the 9th may.

Classic decor and original compositions developed by our design team will create an atmosphere of holiday, important for every citizen of the country. A wide selection of decorations for stair steps and handrails, walls and equipped stages inside the buildings instantly transform any space. On the threshold of the holiday it is possible to manufacture a truly unusual art objects and LED installations that reflect the general idea of celebrations and surprise at the same time with unique design.


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An interesting solution for interior decoration of large areas will be contoured mounting of the flag or St. George ribbons around the perimeter and the location of the Order of the Red Star in the center of a single composition. The festive mood can be created with the help of flags and pennants with the victory symbols, as well as wall panels and LED consoles. All sorts of balls and garlands, made in the style of the famous St. George ribbon or red tones, instantly add a touch of solemnity in the interior. Traditional elements of floor-standing structures in the shape of a cup, torch, three-dimensional letters, or stelae, are stars and Orders images.

Festive designs can be made on an individual sketch, and provided for the application of company’s logos on banners, dedicated for commemorative event. Banners, boards and other decorations with symbols of the Victory Day are made from high quality sustainable materials that provide the ease and simplicity of installation and convenience of storage and reusability.