Media facades

facades and interiors

The “Aira” company offers to your attention an interesting novelty - transparent led media facades of new generation. Modern and high-tech displays are used for spectacular lighting multimedia design of the buildings, information alerts and promotional purposes in the most different conditions of operation.

Transparent LED screens or media facades are special LED displays with integrated highly efficient LED lamps. The main advantages of such media screen are the high quality of video with wide viewing angle.

Installed on the facade of the building, LED facsdes do not require complicated procedures for securing due to lightweight and durable design. Transparency of LED screens reaches 80%, which excludes not only the breach of the architectural appearance of the building, but does not prevent the natural spread of sunlight, does not violate the normal view.

Mounting and dismantling of LED screens is a fairly simple procedure without using additional structures for installation. Mount of media facades is possible both on horizontal and vertical surfaces of commercial buildings, shopping centers, supermarkets, shops, entertainment complexes, restaurants, convention centers and airports. Another sphere of application of mobile and quick erect LED displays is organization of mass events, as entertainment and festive, and, for example, sports.

Being a revolutionary alternative to other means of advertising and information, LED modules allow you to create screens of any form, size and configuration. Waterproof and durable, they do not require approvals to install, and thus guarantee coverage of a wider audience.

Transparent LED screens are an absolutely new direction in the art lighting design and advertising equipment, allowing creating a vivid and high-quality image. The use of media screens as effective interactive design elements will allow you to create impressive light installations, and highlight any building and make its facade a unique multimedia art object and effective advertising and information media.