special projects

Majestat is an all-season project of urban entertainment infrastructure in a modern Russian style. Creative space for leisure of citizens, promotion of Russian culture among the youth, carrying out traditional Russian holidays and folk festivals, social projects, concerts and open air festivals, and sporting events.

The project is a reinterpretation of the traditional images of Russian characters. Symbols of Majestat are 12 characters that retain the best of the Russian ethnos and at the same time broadcast the ideas of dynamics and individualization. The style of the project reflects native Russian, but a modern vision of the festivals and customs of Russia.

Year-round operation of the project is based on the division of the year into 12 periods, during each of which one of the characters rules Majestat, becomes its symbol. Each of the 12 clusters associated with certain holidays and events — traditional Russian and modern. A detailed programme of events is prepared, starting from Christmas fairs to harvest in the garden of the residence, and a common scenario plan of their conduction.

“Majestat” is first and foremost a comfortable atmosphere for leisure at any time of year with family and friends. Entertainment and sports zones of Majestat will attract citizens with a fun and exciting opportunity to spend time with family and to relax in comfort. Possible contentof the areas may include creative workshops, outdoor cinemas, public garden, ice rink, areas for sport activities and much more.