'Lying’ traffic light

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A tactile LED strip (so-called ‘lying’ lights) is an innovative lighting system for crosswalk and improved safety of road users. The strips are installed directly before the crossing and programmed for synchronous operation with the traffic lights.

Lying lights are an effective measure to reduce the number of accidents on the roadway due to several factors. Additional light that cannot go unnoticed is a psychological deterrent to pedestrians from possible violations. LED strips can also be an additional focus, attracting the attention of the elderly and visually impaired people, as well as pedestrians concentrated on mobile phones and gadgets. In addition, a bright LED signal strip with the “game effect” allows forming conscious correct behavior on the road starting from early childhood. All of these aspects together can significantly reduce the number of accidents that occur at pedestrian crosswalks.



Low-voltage fully sealed LED components are made by monolithic technology of composite materials, able to withstand considerable mechanical and shock loads. Patented water- and stain-repellent coating, high resistance to chemicals allows you to use the strip in any climate and weather conditions, during winter and even under a layer of snow.

Lying lights in the future will find wide application in providing security on the roads. LED strips can be used not only for the installation on pedestrian crosswalks, but also for the illumination of bicycle lanes, pedestrian islands, road markings on the streets and in parks, and also for additional roadway equipment near schools and kindergartens.


We present to your attention a short video demonstrating the working principle of a lying traffic light: