design of parks

We offer original collection of festive consoles designed especially for the city holidays and events. Consoles are popular festive decoration of the cities. Bright, spectacular designs are often used for the decoration of the streets - they easily add a festive atmosphere and can be styled according any holiday theme. Suspended festive consoles are construction on the basis of a metal frame with different design elements that can be used as decorations for the poles and decorative elements of the facades of the buildings.

The "AIRA" company offers a large collection of festive consoles. Various variants of design and decorative elements, a wide choice of options for lighting and materials of construction allow choosing the model for any beautification project or city decoration.




The available designs are intended for decoration of avenues, squares and facades of the buildings and can be mounted on various surfaces. Most often they are used as decorations for the pillars and lighting poles. The consoles structure is processed by the hot galvanizing method and is designed for larger temperature and wind loads; therefore, such a festive design can be successfully used for the street decoration for several years.