Victory day

The “Aira” company offers to your attention an interesting variant of urban design and advertising medium. Flagpoles are special constructions for placing flags at a certain height.

Flagpoles are the popular element of branding. Territories near the offices of large companies, car dealers, trading centers, hotels, gas stations and administrative settings are often decorated with constructions with fluttering flags. Logo placed like this contributes to the enhancement of the organization prestige.



In addition, flagpoles can perform a logistic function, allowing customers to orientate easier and to find the company location without effort, as the brand will be visible from afar. Flagpoles are widely used in the field of event marketing as a decorative element on sports, entertainment events, trade fairs and exhibitions.

The “Aira” company offers a wide range of flagpoles, varying in shape, color and height. For the manufacture of products a durable material is used, ensuring reliability, durability, resistance to any weather conditions and wind loads.