Art objects

Victory day

Flags and flag compositions are the one of the most popular ways of festive decoration for the city streets, bright and low-cost way of festive decoration of the city for different celebrations. Art objects can be made in the most suitable color schemes; the flag decoration projects are also available for development depending on architectural and landscape features of the decorated space.

AIRA implements projects of flag decoration for any activities - from sporting events and corporate celebrations to a major city holidays.



Our own production allows us to execute projects of the festive decoration of the city with flags and flag compositions of any level and complexity.

Available flags with full-color images, printed with high quality paints with all the possibilities of modern printing and with long service life. Used as decoration the street textile flags and banners are highly resistant to fading, humidity and temperature drops.

Another good and economical way of festive decoration for the city streets and decoration of open spaces for any celebration is design with spectacular flag compositions. We offer many options of decorative flag compositions, and can also develop an individual design project. It can be detached flag compositions for installations on the squares and open spaces, and also compositions on the flagpoles and lighting poles, as well as flag garlands to decorate streets and bridges.