Art objects


Shapes spectacular and original idea for design is three-dimensional shapes, made using modern technologies of dimensional modeling. Three-dimensional shapes are very spectacular and original alternative design of city streets or premises.

As a rule, the most interesting objects for three-dimensional modeling are the monuments of world architecture. The similarity of three-dimensional model to the original is achieved with maximum detail elements, giving a visual and tactile reality and using the festive illuminations and architectural lighting.

A detailed design project of the art-objects is made during creating process of three-dimensional shapes, and then there is “shape cutting” and painting of the products with use of professional aerographic equipment and water-resistant and frost-resistant dyes, which provide of objects being used in all weather conditions over a long period of time.




To add an additional durability the products are coated with special polymer compositions, providing increase of wear resistance and service life of the structure. To give three-dimensional shapes original tactile and visual effects, we use modern technologies: flocking (creates a velvety surface) and planning (covering the object with special shimmering plating).

If necessary, the project of lighting design is developed and implemented for three-dimensional models - architectural illumination by floodlights or artistic LED illumination.

Dimensional shapes can be used as elements of the festive decoration in the city parks and squares, airports and railway stations, shopping and entertainment centers for the original design of interiors, as well as at various events as an effective advertising design. Three-dimensional shapes for parks, especially with festive LED illumination, always attract the attention of people and are the key element of improvement and decoration of the territory.