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A unique project - LITERARY AUDIO BENCH!


“Aira” company presents a new unique project – literary audio benches! 

The project was developed by our company and timed to 2015, which was declared by the decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to be “The Year of Literature”. 

These audio benches are made in the form of an open book, decorated with the portraits of famous writers and equipped with sound players, which play extracts from literary works. The books, written by famous writers and poets (A. Pushkin, S. Yesenin, A. Fet, R. Rozhdestvensky, A. Tolstoy, S. Govorukhin and others), are read by professional actors. In addition, each bench has an internet module that allows you using wireless Wi-Fi connection to visit websites with good selection of literary works. 

The project has important social functions: the development of children’s and teenagers’ interest in reading, the maintenance of the memory of the outstanding Russian poets and writers, the popularization of Russian literature and culture among the population. In addition, these audio benches will become an original decoration for any park or garden.

The project “Literary audio benches” met great support of many cultural figures. We hope that our benches, installed in cities, will promote revival of the value of Russian literature and will become a reminder of the talent of well-known writers and poets.